Here’s the amazing view one guy had while swimming with 20 million jellyfish

Man swims with 20 million jellyfish

Planet Earth is a pretty amazing place to live. Our ecosystem supports an incredibly diverse and beautiful spectrum of creatures.

On the remote island nation of Palau, 550 miles southeast of the Philippines, sits 70 saltwater lakes, 5 of them which support completely unique, harmless varieties of jellyfish.

“Jellyfish Lake” in isolated Palau is truly one of a kind. It hosts 20 million isolated jellyfish that have lost their singers because there are no predators in the area.

Scientists believe that rising sea levels after the last ice age trapped the Jellyfish inland and left their predators behind, causing them to lose their stingers over a period of many years.

“It’s a whole other world,” says photographer Sarosh Jacob.”We knew we had to go. From a photography point of view, I knew it would be something special.”