These massive cats are the perfect examples of furry love


My wife likes to say that cats make the internet worthwhile. Indeed, cats tend to be some of the biggest viral stars of the internet. Case in point, Grumpy Cat has earned more than $100 million for their owner. 

While regular sized kittens and cats have stolen our hearts over the years, there are a few feline friends who dwarf those pets. They are mammoth pets that in some cases are nearly as tall as their owners.

Giant cats can be expensive to purchase and they require more food than the average cat, but there is also more of them to love!Here are 15 giant cats that people own and definitely love.

This Siberian cat is huge.

Giant Cat

Instagram / @phinniegram

When you have a giant cat that could probably give a piggy back ride to many dogs, you know it’s a unique pet. This Siberian is so huge and fluffy that it’s impossible not to show them a good amount of love.