Melting Animals That Belong In A Salvador Dali Painting

Animal-lovers often joke that cats are actually liquid. But cats aren’t the only animals who can convert to a liquid state. Dogs, birds, guinea pigs, and hamsters also sink into a pancake shape. Adorable animals defy the laws of physics.

Birds become melted ice cream. Dogs dissolve into water. Hamsters will like very tiny burger patties. Here are animals that “melted” for one reason or another. Once you see them, they’ll melt your heart.

This Balloon With A Beak Deflated

He chirp. Then he blirp. This bird deflated like a balloon in a matter of seconds. Birds are like Play-Doh; they mold into your palm when they randomly decide to turn into a dumpling.

Bird deflates into owner's hand

This position means that the bird is genuinely relaxed. He genuinely enjoys sitting in his owner’s hand. No wonder we wish we were in the bird’s place. We would also like to deflate like a balloon.