Little Noah met Spider-Man in real life and then it got even better

Spider-Man dad returns from combat

Meet Noah, a little boy with a dad fighting in Afghanistan.

Recently Noah went outside to play. While outside he found Spider-Man climbing on top of his fence.

As any little child would tend to do, he quickly ran up to Spider-Man and gave him a big hug. The pair then shared a high-five.

Noah was already super excited but a moment later he lost his mind when Super-Man took off his mask to reveal his true identity — Noah’s dad!

His dad knew how much Noah loved Spider-Man and he wanted to surprise him by returning home as his favorite superhero.

We report on a lot of these reunions on Give It Love and they never get old.

Jason’s (aka Spider-Man) wife just gave birth to daughter Kali, and he wanted to give the entire family a huge treat.

Good job dad — Ergh — I mean Spider-Man.