Mom Creates Seat Belt Covers To Alert Emergency Workers About Children’s Disabilities

As a parent, Australian mom Natalie Bell often worried about what would happen if her child was in an accident. To add to that, Natalie is a mom to a child with disabilities, so she began thinking of what could happen if her daughter’s disability wasn’t immediately identified in a situation like a car accident.

That is exactly what inspired her seat belt cover invention. Natalie sells other personalized products through her business “Personalised by nat”, but this simple product is by far her best selling.

Her Daughter Inspired Her To Take Action

Shae Bell in car with velcro cover
Photo Credit: Natalie Bell
Photo Credit: Natalie Bell

Natalie shared a post about her new creation to her Facebook page and the response was overwhelming. Sharing the pictures, she said “I always wonder what would happen if I was in a car accident with a daughter in the car and I was unable to let the doctors know that my daughter could not have an MRI due to having a cochlear implant, now I don’t need to worry about that with these seat belt covers. “

The post now has over 750K shares and counting, with tens of thousands of comments, almost all of which are praising Natalie’s simple and effective solution.