This mom threw herself in front of a car to save her children’s lives

Mom jumps in front of car to save kids

In October of 1999 Joy Vernon and her family were taking a vacation in the Colorado Mountains.

The family made what should have been a quick pit stop in their white Suburban, but that’s when things quickly went horribly wrong. All three of the children ran to the vehicle and shut its doors, preparing to finish their trip.

Joy soon realized that the doors would not open and the car was moving towards a 400 foot cliff — its gears had failed.

As she stared down her children and saw the panic in her eyes, Joy knew she had to do something quick or they would be killed in a matter of seconds.

As her motherly instinct kicked in she jumped in front of the car at the last minute.  But she couldn’t stop it. The car began to run over her and consequently jarred one of the doors open.

Her father was able to dive into the car because of her quick thinking and put on the emergency brake.

The Suburban stopped just three feet in front of the 400 foot drop-off — but Joy was hurt badly.

“Joy, you’re going to be okay,” said her dad. But she could only respond by saying, “No, no dad, don’t touch me; I know that I’m paralyzed.”

Fifteen years later her story is still being told and her family, still all alive because of her actions, call her their hero.

Her daughter Annie explains this woman’s amazing feat of selfishness perfectly. “You can’t run or walk, but you sure can fly… How many people can say that the last time they ran, they saved 3 lives?”

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