People Are Photoshopping Mr. Bean Into Stuff And It’s So Good

When comedian Rowan Atkinson first debuted his Mr. Bean character in January 1990 there was no way he could have known what would become of his silly creation.

27 years after Mr. Bean first debuted, the character has become an international icon and arguably one of the funniest character creations in the history of comedy.

While Mr. Bean is a man of very few words, his facial expressions do a lot of talking on his behalf.

With such a recognizable face it was only a matter of time before photoshop experts started putting Mr. Bean’s face on various famous people, works of art, and more.

1. Mr. Avatar.

The Avatar world is not known for its comedy but perhaps Mr. Bean can change that!

2. Pirates of the Mr. Bean.

Johnny Depp created an engaging and hilarious character in Jack Sparrow. Mr. Bean’s adaptation would definitely be different but probably just as silly.

3. Lord of the Mr. Beans.

No offense to Rowan Atkins but he’s already very hobbit-like so this would be a great fit.

4. The Comedy Of Mad Max

Mr. Bean probably wouldn’t last long in Mad Max’s world but it would be fun to watch for the short period of time he was still alive!

5. Iron Bean

There would be so much unintentional destruction if Tony Stark handed over his super suit to Mr. Bean.

6. A Harry Bean

Let’s make it a priority not to provide Mr. Bean with magic. He can barely handle life on his own two feet.

7. Lord Voldebean

Even with the lack of a discernable nose, Mr. Bean managed to shine through in this creepy Harry Potter photoshop job.

8. A Whitey Tighty Situation.

I don’t think we will be seeing Calvin Klein advertisement on Times Square billboards anytime in the near future.

9. Super Bean.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Mr. Bean. With a face like that a pair of glasses would not be a good secret identity for his alter ego.

10. Transforming Into A Man.

Sorry Megan Fox but you have been replaced. This is disturbing but comedy gold — just the way Mr. Bean would want it to be!