This mountain lion was chained to a truck for 20 years so riot police were called to rescue him

A mountain lion named Mufasa has been rescued after being held in captivity by cruel circus handlers for nearly 20 years.

The amazing animal was held in the same type of horrible conditions thousands of circus animals around the world experience almost 24/7.

Mufasa was an attraction for a Peruvian circus act who left him chained and neglected for the duration of his 20 year ordeal.

Animal Defenders International caught wind of Mufasa’s story and quickly came to his rescue, liberating the animal for its cruel owners. a

Animal Defenders International has been quickly working their way through Peru eradicating the cruel practice of caging and training wild animals.

Mufasa was the last known animal being imprisoned by the Peruvian circus circuit.

Here is Mufasa before his rescue.

The dramatic rescue was so brazen that riot police were called in to protect Animal Defenders International from circus employees.

The Defenders took Mufasa to an animal sanctuary deep in the Peruvian forest.

He was incredibly week from his time in captivity so they created for him a sanctuary of his very own.

Check out the moment Mufasa realizes he is finally free of his horrendous captors and living situation.