NASA just released a stunning Ultra-HD video of the sun

NASA 4K Video of the Sun

NASA continues to amaze us every single day with its ability to show off the brilliance of our Universe.

This week the space agency posted an Ultra-HD video of the sun. The video is the most immersive and stunning footage to be released by any agency.

The video is actually comprised of a series of high definition films that are truly spectacular. The video below is an awe-inspiring and vivid compilation of our sun in action captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

The SDO was launched into orbit in 2010 and has been photographing the sun through ten different wavelengths of light. NANA combined all these wavelengths to observe towering solar flares and streams of electrified plasma dancing on the surface of the sun.

If you have a 4K screen I highly recommend watching this video on that display.