These Kids Have The Most Inappropriate And Hilarious Spelling Errors

Learning to master the English language is not easy. For these kids the results of writing out homework assignments and letters to their parents are hilarious and incredibly inappropriate.

From a simple letter misplacement, to entire words, I couldn’t stop laughing. Just imagine being the teacher who had to correct some of the homework and test assignments.

1. Come With Me…

A Kid Spells A Dirty Word By Accident

2. Vagina instead of Virginia?

A Really Dirty Note From A Kid - By Accident

3. Account. The word is account.

Adult Word Accidentally Written by a Child

4. I love my whole family.

Another Funny and Dirty Accidental Spelling by a child

5. I come in peace.

Bad Spelling and Kids

6. You can’t catch me.

Child Has a Funny Spelling - Dirty

7. Thank you for the shirt!

Child Spells Word Dirty By Accident

8. Fell off your deck.

Dirty Accidental Spelling by a Child

9. T is for Tights!

Dirty Spelling by Child

10. Dad is the best cook. Oops.

11. Very young satan worshipper. Because he brings her presents. 

Dirty Spelling by Kid - Accidental Spells Word Wrong
Funny Spelling of a Word by A Child

12. Happy Birthday Kurt.

Inappropriate Spelling By Children

13. Cute. The word is Cute.

Kid Accidentally Has Dirty Spelling

14. This kid enjoys the… beach!

Kid Accidentally Spells Something Dirty

15. Elephants love to eat peanuts.

16. I like pencils.  17. My teacher does Math. 

Oops Kid Has Issues With A Word - Spells It Dirty
This is a funny way to spell - Kid accidentally writes dirty word
This Kid Was Not Trying to Be Dirty with their writing

18. Miss your house.

When Kid Spells Hoes Instead of House

19. The word they were looking for was horses.

When Kids Spell Words Wrong and they end up dirty

I reiterate my claim that learning to use the English language is hard, but sometimes that learning curve can be really funny when kids spell inappropriate words.

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