Former NFL Player DeAngelo Williams Paid for 500 Mammograms In Honor Of His Mother

DeAngelo Williams has been a long-time supporter of the fight to end breast cancer. The former NFL player lost his mother to breast cancer in 2014 when she was just 53 years old. He started a nonprofit called The DeAngelo Williams Foundation in her honor.

The foundation hosts “53 Strong For Sandra” events across the United States since 2015. At each event, the foundation sponsors mammograms for 53 women, in honor of the age his mother was when she passed. According to Today, that has added up to a total of 500 sponsored mammograms.

“To be able to help all these women is amazing. This can be life-changing for these women,” Williams told People magazine. “We are enabling them to get this care that no one should ever be denied or not have access to.”

The foundation hopes to eventually host these free mammogram events in every state.

“DeAngelo wants to ensure that no woman (or man) fights breast cancer alone,” said Risalyn Williams on Today.