This nonverbal boy has become best friends with a deaf dog

There is something inherently cool about a dog’s ability to realize when something is wrong and adapt. We’ve reported on dogs who have saved their owners from certain death, comforted people in need, and acted in all around cool and beautiful ways.

This time around we are happy to report about Brandi Guillet and her young son, Conner, and their newly adopted dog.

Connor, who was adopted at birth, has a genetic disorder rendering him non-verbal and reliant on sign language.

While he doesn’t communicate verbally, he is a very happy and energetic young man.

He has also become best friends with the family’s boxer, who happens to be deaf. 

The boxer, named Ellie, recently joined the family.

Guillet uploaded a photo of the foster puppy with Connor to the Facebook page Deaf Dogs Rock with the most heartwarming message about Ellie’s contribution to the family:

She is amazing with my son. She is the most gentle, loving girl ever. The most BEAUTIFUL part of this adoption is my son and his dog can actually talk to each other!

Deaf dogs may be the answer for other children with special needs of their own.

“We have another boxer but there is something SO SPECIAL about Ellie,” she wrote in a follow-up Facebook comment. “Something different… I’m so drawn to her… I believe many special needs kiddos could benefit from these dogs!”

Her posts are receiving thousands of likes and shares and they highlight our hopes for 2017.

Good girl Ellie and welcome to this awesome family!