Obama Being An Awesome Citizen In 2017

He was no longer serving as President of the United States, yet Barack Obama remained in the spotlight throughout 2017. With a killer Spotify playlist, tweets focused on unity, and some amazing vacation photos that have gone viral, it was hard to avoid the 44th POTUS and, honestly, we wouldn’t want to keep him in the dark.

Here are the best moments of President Obama’s first year out of office.

Hanging Out With His Buddy, Prince Harry


Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Many presidents ride off into the sunset to play golf and collect million dollar checks for speaking engagements. Obama kicked off his year by vacationing and hanging out with friends. Among his closest buddies is Prince Harry. Here they are laughing it up on day seven of the Invictus Games in Toronto, Ontario. A recent controversy has broken out after it was revealed that Prince Harry allegedly wants to invite Barack and Michelle Obama to his wedding but not President Trump. With the wedding only a short time away, we might hear more about this awkward situation soon.