Old Photo Album Confirmed Woman’s Suspicions About Her Future Son-In-Law

Some people search for love throughout their entire lives. In 2011, Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt became one of the lucky ones. The two met in college and soon knew they were destined to be together. But when Heidi’s mother saw her fiance, she was reminded of a particular memory.

Heidi and Ed’s story has made international headlines as a seemingly impossible story. Learn what the internet is freaking out about by following their journey.

Heidi Parker’s College Adventure

Heidi Photo of Heidi Parker eating lobster as a teenager
Facebook/Heidi Savitt
Facebook/Heidi Savitt

In 2011, 18-year-old Heidi Parker left her home of Sheffield, South Yorkshire to head to New Castle University. She moved to Bodrum to pursue her major in Economics and Business Management. Her parents, Kay and Keith Parker, traveled to the university to help her move in.

During her first year, Heidi lived in a student house with her classmates. The girls had fun there, but when Heidi moved out, her life changed forever.