One Guy Photographed 100 Faces From 100 Places And It Shows What Beauty Looks Like Around The World

The Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, services more than 68 million people every year. The airport is vying to be one of the largest and is used as a major connecting hub for worldwide flights. Photographer Mustafa Çankaya works at the Atatürk Airport and has the pleasure of watching thousands of faces pass by him every day.

He began a photo project titled “100 Faces 100 Countries” to show off the joy and diversity he witnesses every day. He hopes the project will connect the world in one place.

Ibrahim From Rwanda Is A Dance Instructor

This is the kind of photograph you get when you meet a dancer at the airport. Ibrahim is both a dancer from Rwanda and a dance teacher. He heads a dance program where he gives youth the chance to “learn and express themselves through dance.”

100 faces 9

Music and dance have always been an integral part of Rwandan culture. The use of drums and the choreographed Indore dance is traditional in the nation. Ibrahim looks to be trying to make breakdance a new tradition.