These ’90s Treats Will Make Both Parents And Kids Seriously Nostalgic

There are a lot of snacks out there that fill many of us with nostalgia, but arguably no other decade had better snacks than the ’90s! Sadly, a lot of these tasty treats no longer exist (or are really hard to obtain in the U.S.).

Whether you were the youngster swapping these treats at lunch, or the parent who was begged to buy them at the grocery store, these treats will spark some ’90s memories. And while some of them can still be bought today, it’s just not the same.

Dunkaroos Were Dunkable And Delicious Until 2012

Dunk-a-roos are truly a ’90s novelty. They originally came with cinnamon graham-flavored cookies and a small dollop of icing that you could dunk the cookies into, hence the name.

Kids of the ’90s who brought these to school were usually the coolest, but the reign of Dunk-a-roos only lasted so long. They were discontinued in 2012 and in a fierce campaign to get them back, Canada — who still produces them — launched “Smugglaroos,” encouraging Canadians to smuggle them to their southern neighbors.