Organization Hacks To Start The New Year Off On The Right Foot

When a new year looms, many see it as a chance for a fresh start. And so, we can generally expect many people in our lives to tell us about their plans to get healthier and follow their dreams.

But it’s also pretty common for us to take a new look at our living spaces and feel the need to get them as organized as we want our lives to be. And luckily, these life hacks will make those plans a little easier.

Say No To The “Laundry Chair” And Set Up Racks

When clothing is not necessarily dirty but not overly clean, many people result to something called the “laundry chair,” a place to put said clothing they don’t want to put away.

clothes rack on top of dresser with shirts and pants

Well, say no to the laundry chair this New Year and, instead, set up some hanging racks for those dirty but not-too-dirty clothes.