This Outdoorsman Captured Wildlife Year-Round On A Hidden Camera

A place of peace and solitude for many, the great outdoors are a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of society. Robert Bush Sr. is one of those people who loves wildlife, so much so that he lives near a forest in rural Pennsylvania. One day, the idea struck him to set up a hidden camera in a perfect spot to capture all kinds of wildlife: at the end of a log in a river. Read on to see what wild animals he captured on film over the course of a year.

This Is Outdoorsman Bob

Bob takes a selfie near the river.
Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera/Facebook
Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera/Facebook

Meet Robert Bush Sr., a lover of the outdoors who lives in Pennsylvania. As you can see from this selfie, Robert is very fond of the forest. He loves to visit the mountains, which offer him access to lakes, trees, and wild animals all year.

Robert, referred to more casually as Bob, decided to share his wildlife outings with the world by setting up a hidden camera in the perfect place to spot wildlife: the edge of a log.