She’s engaged to a paraplegic man and their pregnancy announcement is perfect

Todd Krieg may never again regain the ability to walk and that means he’s going to spend a lot of time rolling after his soon-to-be born child.

Todd was paralyzed from the waist down after a motocross accident and that moment in time changed his life forever.

While recovering in California he was being treated by Amanda Diesen, a physical therapist. The couple quickly fell in love and three weeks ago they got engaged.

Soon afterwards they announced their upcoming birth with a simple message scrolled on a brick wall — “It still works!”

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Kayla Duffin didn’t stop there, choosing to capture more photos of their upcoming buddle of joy announcement.

This couple is obviously in love and deserve the wedding of their dreams. They are attempting to win their dream ceremony through Brides Live Wedding 2017, and you can vote for them here.

Todd Krieg can’t walk but he can have children.

Users all over the internet have fallen in love with the couple’s story and obvious devotion to each other.

Photographer Amanda Diesen captured their love perfectly.

They met at a paralysis recovery center in California and their love was immediately apparent.

They announced their engagement three weeks ago.

“We are blessed to have each other and are truly a perfect match” Amanda wrote in a post.

“The joy he brings me is unexplainable and he is my best friend”

And because you are probably just as curious as we were…