Parenting Hacks For Dads To Make Their Lives Easier

Single dads, dads who work full time, stay-at-home dads, new dads, it doesn’t matter what kind of parent you are, who doesn’t want to make their life with children a little easier?

You never know what your kid is going to throw at you, both metaphorically and literally, so you have to be ready for anything, but it’s hard to be ready for things that you don’t know are coming. That’s the problem. Luckily, there’s a world full of dads who are willing to share their wisdom with you.

Speed Up The Process

So you’ve got a child who’s at the age where they’re insisting they can put their shoes on themselves, but it takes twice as long when they do it because they never get it on the right foot (literally.) Place little stickers inside so they know which foot goes in which shoe.

shoe sticker trick for left and right shoes
Photo Credit: Reddit / 63mads
Photo Credit: Reddit / 63mads