People Are Loving This Kindergartner’s Viral School Photo

kindergartners school photo goes viral
Stronajai Miles/Facebook
Stronajai Miles/Facebook

One mother in Atlanta, Georgia wasn’t exactly pleased when she came across her son’s school photos. Stronajai Miles was just checking her 5-year-old son Andrew’s backpack for anything she needed to sign when she found his school yearbook photos. In it, Andrew’s mouth is wide open, as if he is in mid-scream. This made his mother want to scream as well.

She took to Facebook to vent, posting the photos and writing, “I’m so mad right now!” Understandably, this isn’t the type of photo that a mother expects from her child’s yearly school pictures. “The way I grew up, school photos were a big thing. You don’t do anything silly, and if we did we would get in trouble,” Stronajai told TODAY.

But soon, the photos went viral as people around the world found the delight in Andrew’s pose. Though she couldn’t believe the school photographers allowed her son to take his photo like that, Stronajai eventually lightened up and decided to laugh along with everyone else.

In a follow-up post, Stronajai explained that they decided to purchase the photos. She was in contact with Lifetouch School Photography who took the photos at her son’s school. “I saw an article that said free-spirited photos are their policy. If I had known, I’d have no reason to feel upset about not getting a traditional picture. Regardless, knowing that his silly picture brought joy all over the world, how can I continue to be flustered?” she added.

She also explained that her son’s pre-K photos came out just as she expected, which is why she was shocked to see his kindergarten photos come out like this. While Stronajai is glad that these photos show her son’s fun-loving personality, she still hopes to get retakes with a more traditional smile.