These People Were Caught Sleeping In The Most Hilarious Positions

When people are deprived of sleep, it’s incredible the lengths they’ll go to get a little bit of shut-eye. Sometimes, people fall asleep without even realizing it, and it isn’t always in the most ideal of places. Although a bed or a comfortable couch may be preferable, such luxuries aren’t always an option and people have to work with what they have access to. These people were caught sleeping in the most ridiculous ways.

Sleeping On The Job

When this poor fellow fell asleep at his desk, his co-workers took the opportunity to take a group photo with their fallen comrade. Chances are, he’s going to wake up to an empty office with no idea that any of this happened.

Guy passed out at work

If his co-workers wanted to take things to the next level, they could make this picture his computer background to add insult to injury. But in all seriousness, we hope someone checked his pulse — he’s looking a little pale.