People Share The Weird Things Their Pets Do And They’ll Have You Saying “Same”

When you adopt a pet you don’t really have any idea what you’re signing up for. Sure, you understand the whole feeding, cleaning up, and snuggle time routine aspects, but the weird neutral quirks are somewhat unexpected. Oh, Mr. Fluffers needs exactly 6 blankets underneath him when he sleeps? Well alright.

People are sharing the wild and weird stuff their pets do. These sweet boys and girls aren’t out to harm anyone, but they sure don’t give a hoot about turning our heads. All these quirky particular pets will have you saying “same here.”

The Bark Burrito

husky staring at camera in blanket on couch
Photo Credit: Brotems / Reddit
Photo Credit: Brotems / Reddit

Reddit user Brotems writes that his husky “has to be tucked in before I go to work or he cries when I leave.” Honestly, this probably wasn’t what he expected when adopting the tough and hearty looking breed, but if this isn’t the cutest thing ever then we don’t know what is.

We can all definitely relate to this “5 more minutes” feeling. Clearly, this husky wanted a few more moments of shut-eye before having to wake up and go back to the grind. Those squirrels aren’t going to chase themselves you know.