These Pet Siblings Have Ridiculous Rivalries

Siblings rivalries are normal, even among pets. While dogs and cats are known for messing with one another, you may be surprised to see pigs, hamsters, or birds having goofy interactions with other animals in the house. From sitting on their pet sibling to giving them the stink-eye, these furry friends have hilarious ways of expressing their love-hate relationship with their fellow housemates. Get ready to chuckle at the silly rivalries of adorable pet siblings.

The Puppy Who Wanted A Pony Ride

Though cats and dogs can be rather aggressive when they’re strangers, those who are raised together have a uniquely adorable way of coexisting. This puppy is blissfully unaware that his cat sibling could pose a real threat.


Even the cat has caved to the naive puppy, letting it sit on her back without attacking. Instead, she calmly poses there and glares at the owner. It’s as if she’s saying, “Don’t just take a photo. Get this thing off of me!”