Pets Dressed In Marvel Cosplay Who Will Absolutely Save The Day

Avengers: Endgame is everywhere right now, proving that Marvel Studios’ cast of characters has the greatest superheroes we ever needed. But perhaps that’s a huge over-generalization, considering some of the best superheroes can be found in our own homes. These pets assembled as the Avengers and other Marvel characters in some of the wildest pet cosplay you’ve ever seen. Are you ready to see Lokitty or Labrathor? From Captain America to the Hulk, these pets will save your day!

Dog-tor Strange, Master Of The Frisbee Arts

doctor strange dog marvel pet costume

Meet Dog-tor Strange, who will catch the portal to a new dimension no matter how far away you throw it. Just kidding! This is actually Banner the Super Dog, a beautiful Siberian Husky trained as a medical and psychiatric service dog.

In that regard, Banner is most like Doctor Strange’s previous persona, Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D. Before he was a powerful sorcerer, Strange was an expert neurosurgeon. Banner doesn’t operate on brains but he does help better someone’s life!