Priceless Photos Of Pets Realizing That They’re Going To The Vet

Animals enjoy going to the vet just about as much as humans enjoy going to the dentist. Which means not at all. It’s just an unavoidable aspect of life that always manages to sneak up on you. Here are some ridiculous pictures that show the moment when animals realize that they’re on their way to the vet. Some are funny while others make you happy that you don’t have to go to the vet like your pets do!

Hold Me

This dog has no shame when it comes to going to the vet. She doesn’t care how big she is, she just wants love and compassion from her owner while anxiously waiting in the vet waiting room. Although the size of this dog may make her seem intimidating anywhere else, she turns into a big baby upon entering the vet.

Something tells us that she wasn’t the only dog sitting scared on its owner’s lap. One big room filled with big dogs sitting on their owner’s laps recoiling in fear for what’s about to happen to them.