Photographer Shows How Disney Princesses Would Look Today And The Results Are Stunning

We’ve all stared up at the TV in wonder as our favorite princess twirled around the screen, sang to birds, got the prince, and saved the day from a buffet of different bitter villains. We’ve all wanted to be these glamorous women at some point – but we’re missing the ballgown and crown.

That’s not a problem for Detroit-based portrait photographer Jessica Kobeissi who took the princess fantasy and gave it a modern day twist. Kobeissi styled and photographed 10 women to look like modern day princesses. Check out Kobeissi’s and other artists’ magical takes on classic princesses.

Fa Mulan Has Major Warrior Energy

mulan disney princess holding medal as hero of china at end of movie
Photo Credit: MovieStillsDB / Walt Disney Pictures
Photo Credit: MovieStillsDB / Walt Disney Pictures

Our favorite strategist and Hun-fighting princess is the only Disney princess who doesn’t hold a crown to her name. Instead of royal blood, this lady has warrior blood that’s inspired by the story of Hua Mulan who reportedly lived between 420-589 CE.

In the original poem about Hua Mulan’s life, Hua takes the place of her aging father and young brother in the army. Disguised as a man, she fights for 12 years and is offered an official post but asks only for a camel to take her home. Real or fictional, both Mulans kick serious rear.