Photos Of Shelter Dogs As They Realize They’re Being Adopted Will Melt Your Heart

Is there any greater joy than knowing that you’re loved and wanted? It’s one of the best feelings ever, and especially so for a pup that’s lived in a shelter. You’re about to meet some lucky dogs that were plucked from shelters or rescues and taken in by loving people. These touching photos were taken right at the moment that the pets realized that they were going to be adopted by their new parents. Who knows, you might just be inspired to give a sweet shelter pup its furrever home after seeing these. We say do it! Help spread the love!

That New-Home Glow

You’d almost think this picture was photoshopped. This pup with his big grin looks too happy to be real! But this is indeed a real dog, expressing overwhelming happiness about going home with his new human companion.

Smiles like this are contagious. Guess what? So is the kind of love that a shelter dog can bring you. If you’ve ever been on the fence about bringing a dog in need into your family, just take a look at this ear-to-ear grin.