Photos That Prove Some Animals Are Natural-Born Comedians At Heart

Animals can bring a lot of joy and wonderment to our lives, as well as plenty of humor. They probably don’t even realize how hilarious they’re being, but that’s what makes them such natural comedians! Read on to see a meditating lemur, a cat screwing in a lightbulb, a bear reading the newspaper, and lots more goofy things animals have done.

Just A Pair Of Dogs Getting Some Financial Advice

These golden retrievers must have been eager to meet the person their owner was talking to. So, they went ahead and hopped up on their hind legs and rested their front ones on the desk.


They look like a couple seeking financial advice! One of them is looking more seriously in the direction of presumably the banker. The other has its tongue out like it doesn’t have a care in the world. We could guess who wears the pants in that relationship.