Photos That Prove Fishing Can Be More Comedic Than Calming

Most people who fancy themselves fisherman know that fishing isn’t always as relaxing or easy as some make it look. While many may assume that all you need is a body of water, a fishing pole, and maybe a few friends, they are sadly mistaken. In the blink of an eye, things can go awry for even the most skilled angler.

Luckily for us, some of these situations were caught on camera for our enjoyment. These are the funniest fishing pictures ever to be captured in photos.

It’s A Fighter!

Well, it appears that this fisherman does not skip leg day at the gym. He’s probably been training for this moment his whole life, looking for that one monster fish to prove himself to his fishing buddies.

Photo Credit: Holtville Bulldogs Fishing / Facebook
Photo Credit: Holtville Bulldogs Fishing / Facebook

He’d better put some more muscle into it, because it looks like he’s going to run out of dry ground sooner rather than later. Once he’s in the water it’s game over because he’s in the fishes’ world and won’t stand a chance.