Photos That Prove No Car Ride Is Boring With A Dog

Whether you have a dog or just can’t get enough of them, there’s no doubt that pooches sure can be amusing. If you’re ever looking for a way to keep entertained during a road trip, just bring your canine along for the ride. They’re sure to get their head caught into any tiny space they can and give some pretty funny faces to you and the people in other cars. Read on for some fun photos that show just how hilarious dogs can act in the car.

Oh, What A Day

It is just us, or is this dog definitely an elegant human stuck in the body of a canine? We don’t even have posture that good, and we live on two legs, not four. Adding to the dog’s oddly formal posture is its expression.


There’s something about that distant stare out the window that makes it seem like this pooch was just left for a poodle, and is now contemplating how to live life without its soulmate.