Wild Photos That Show The True Scale Of Things

Earth is a crazy place, full of strange and wonderful creatures and habitats that we don’t really know the magnitude of until we compare it next to “the norm”. You might know what an elephant is, maybe even their size, but what does that mean in comparison to a person’s height? Or think about the width of a skinny rock ledge in relation to human feet.

Take a minute to size up some of these crazy comparisons.

You Caught a Pokemon

You caught a Pokemon
Cheryl Fowler / Pinterest
Cheryl Fowler / Pinterest

We’re fairly certain this hickory horned devil is really the Pokemon Caterpie. How is it possible for a caterpillar to grow up to 5-inches long? I would hate to see one of those crawling up a tree during the summer. Good news is that I don’t live in North America’s deep south where this species is considered to be common.

They don’t stay this big forever, and at the end of their caterpillar stage, these big boys transform into regal moths