P!nk invited her dad on stage for a duet and the results are amazing

Pink and dad duet

P!nk has become a global sensation since breaking out onto the music scene.

The songstress has sold more than 136 million albums and her edgy style continues to dominate the airwaves whenever a new album is released.

Despite all of her edgy street cred, P!nk is also a down to earth mother, and loving daughter.

During one of her performances P!nk invited her “first rock star” and awesome dad, Jim Moore, onto the stage.

During a sold out show in NYC, she stopped the concert mid-set, telling her fans a little bit about her father before letting them in on a big surprise. The Vietnam vet had written a song while deployed overseas, and he was about to sing it live with his daughter for the first time ever in front of a crowd. 

“He wrote a song about forty years ago in Vietnam…and tonight…the first time my dad’s ever performed in front of a group is going to be right now,” Pink said.

Here’s his song titled, “I Have Seen The Rain.”