Playgrounds So Cool You’ll Wish You Were A Kid Again

Imagine exploring a world made from recycled tires or being able to frolic among giant fruit-shaped structures. While these worlds might seem as though they are conjured from the wild imaginations of children, these are real-life playgrounds that you can actually visit. Check out the most amazing playgrounds for you (and your kids) to enjoy around the world!

Nishi Rokugo Tire Park in Tokyo


Nishi Rokugo Tire Park in Japan is an eco-friendly environment lover’s dream. It is located between central Tokyo and the city of Kawasaki. This park is really interesting because it uses recycled rubber tires to construct a magical land for kids to explore. The park also contains traditional playground equipment including things like jungle gyms, slides, and swings. The park is said to have recycled more than 3,000 tires to create the imaginative space which includes bridges, tunnels, and other structures to climb. The creators even fashioned massive versions of a robot and Godzilla which kids can climb. And yes, of course there are tire swings!