Twitter is writing rap lyrics for Pope Francis and they are divine

PopeBars for Pope Francis on Twitter

When I think of rap royalty I think of Dr. Dre, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, and Jay-Z, among others.

When Twitter users think of rap royalty they think of #PopeBars.

The popular new hashtag on Twitter features lyrics written for Pope Francis to perform.

Earlier this month Wake Up! debuted an 11-track album that features papal addresses laid over rap, pop-rock and Latin rhythms.

The new PopeBars hashtag was started after a photo of the pope carrying a mic went viral

This seems a lot more altruistic than Kanye West singing about Jesus walking.

1. I’m a Jesus man. But I’m not Jesus, Man.

2. To the window to the wall.

3. In West Philadelphia…

4. Pope to the Izzo.

5. I murder these bars like Cain did to Abel.

6. The Holy Ghostwriter

7. Call me Big Poppa.

8. The Holy G.O.A.T.

9. A shoutout to Biggie. Sort of.

10. His own take on Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’

11. The Pope raps Eminem style.

12. Another Eminem pope rap.

You can find a ton more raps on Twitter at #PopeBars.