This story about rescuing a possum reminds us that all living creatures deserve a chance

It’s really easy to discount the life of a possum. While they are amazing animals that eat insects, snake venom, mice, and other pests, they are also not the most adorable animals to look at.

With that being said, a wild animal that doesn’t really pose a threat to humans should never be made to suffer.

Bloomington, IL resident Mary Roberds recently walked into a sad situation in which a possum was freezing to death during a cold wintery day. Sadly, people on Facebook said it deserved to die.

In her post, Roberds explains that many people discounted the suffering animal, commenting that it was a rodent and had no life value.

Here’s her entire post.

Here’s her entire post.

Not willing to let a living creature die, Roberds jumped into action, calling local animal rescue groups to find out what to do with the animal. She eventually reached a Wildlife sanctuary located just 15 minutes outside of the city.

She was provided with a pet carrier by the sanctuary and taught how to handle the dying possum.

“I went to the house and this sweet woman was outside sitting next to the blanket covered opossum. He was not moving at all. But we saw his ear move so I wrapped him in towels and lifted him off the ice into the carrier. I put the heat on high and the car and drove to the sanctuary. I felt a sense of peace come over me.”

Unfortunately, the possum didn’t survive but Mary had the chance to talk with the owner of the sanctuary.

“I listened to this amazing woman share her 40 years of experience in wildlife rescue, I realized that I was exactly where I needed to be. She has amazing resources and wisdom. She explained that people who are drawn to rescue usually are drawn to it very young, which I was. She believes that you carry this passion at your core. She believes that passion is with you in every lifetime. She told me that I should listen to the part of me that is that helper. I felt so encouraged and joyful in finding this new friend and the resources for Wildlife so close by.”

If you are thinking of rescuing a sick animal take Mary’s closing words to heart.

“Some of us are not capable of seeing a suffering animal and walking away. I always thought that was my curse, I now realize it is my gift. It was an amazing experience. And while I am sad that it was too late to save this animal, I am so thankful that he is not suffering anymore and that he led me in a way, to a place that I needed to find.”

Good job Mary Roberds and here’s to hoping others follow your lead.