Powerful People Who Stood Up For The Little Guy

You know what they say: money and fame can’t buy you happiness. The real ticket is helping people who don’t have a voice as loud as yours. These celebrities took their fame and used it to stand up for the little guy – whether it’s Ashton Kutcher dedicating his life to human trafficking or Bono fighting poverty in Africa. Read on to be wowed by how far some of these celebs have gone to help others.

Ashton Kutcher Isn’t The Jokester You Remember From Punk’d

ashton kutcher punkd.jpg

Photo credit: MTV / Punk’d

You may remember Ashton Kutcher from his breakout role on That ’70s Show or his MTV series Punk’d. He’s since married his on-screen high school sweetheart Jackie (Mila Kunis) and almost completely shied away from Hollywood (minus starring in the highly underrated Netflix series The Ranch). So, where the heck has Kutcher been? Is he off somewhere looking for his parked car?