Pro Female Athletes Who Didn’t Let Motherhood Slow Them Down

Professional female athletes have set many precedents and have served as inspirations in many sports. In the past, many of them had to leave their careers behind if they wanted to enter motherhood. However, incredible athletes like basketball player Candace Parker and tennis player Serena Williams have decided that having a baby won’t stop their careers. Many of them continue to stay active during pregnancy and get back to the game just days after giving birth!

Soccer Star Joy Fawcett Fed Her Baby On Her Breaks


Mike Powell/Allsport

“There was a time when I questioned whether I could, but it’s just something in me,” Joy Fawcett told The New York Times in 2001. Fawcett was referring to whether or not she could return to playing professional soccer after having kids.

Of course, she proved that she could do that and more. Within two months from the time she gave birth to her third child, Fawcett had already returned to the San Diego Spirit and played four games in the Women’s United Soccer Association. She was even breastfeeding during breaks at practices and games.

See what happened after she had two more children.