This Puppy With One Ear Is Instagram’s Golden Unicorn

Every dog has their day, and Rae has certainly captured the spotlight. The internet is flooded with plenty of golden retrievers, but Rae quickly stands out. She has all of the love and affection of any other puppy dog, but it takes one glance to quickly see what makes Rae so special.

Instagram has quickly fallen in love with Rae and her signature unicorn look, but she’s more than just a one-eared puppy.

The Golden Unicorn

rae smiling in her owner's arms
Photo Credit: Instagram / @goldenunicornrae
Photo Credit: Instagram / @goldenunicornrae

It only takes one quick look at Rae to see that she’s not like most dogs. Rae is only 12-weeks-old, but she became an overnight sensation thanks to the single ear sitting right on top of her head.