Real Life Optical Illusions To Mystify Your Mind

Optical illusions aren’t just found in magazines or optometry textbooks. The world around us is full of visual trickery. Color, shape, perspective, and shadow can confuse our brains and make us question our physical reality.

None of the photos on this list has been doctored or Photoshopped— any strange phenomena you perceive is a product of your own point of view.

The Squiggly Mile

On the right amount of mind-altering substances, this trippy hallway probably just looks like a normal hallway. Although the floor and all of the walls in this space are actually perfectly straight, it looks as though that girl is navigating a dangerously curvy pathway. Lines are amazing.

Reddit / @TheBeatles2
Reddit / @TheBeatles2

We wonder how many people can actually walk through this hall without stumbling. This optical illusion would definitely hinder your ability to walk normally.