Reasons That Grandparents Are Purer Than Distilled Water And It’s Heart-Warming To Witness

What would we do without our grandparents? They’re the ones who are always there for us no matter what, literally. You could kill 15 people and you grandma would find out and the first question she would ask was if you’re hungry.

They seem eternally old to us (in the best way) and are always technologically challenged, but we absolutely love them for it. They warm our hearts with endless love for our accomplishments yet can be brutally honest about your new haircut within the same sentence.

My Heart Is Melted

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

I don’t know what it is about old people, but everything they do comes off as being very cute.

If a 45-year-old man said that he takes time out of his day to have a glass of milk with his cat, I would think it’s very bizarre. I guess grandpas can get away with more weird behavior.