Remarkable Resiliency: Children Who Never Let Their Disabilities Hold Them Back

For children with disabilities, life can present a series of challenges. But just because their lives aren’t “normal,” doesn’t mean these kids are letting their disabilities hold them back. Some of these kids have a spirit of resiliency that is not often matched. Check out this list of the most amazing kids who have used their huge spirits to overcome their disabilities.

Wait until you read about the special girl who isn’t letting her disability stop her from working towards joining the Olympics gymnastics team.

Meet Isaiah, The Wrestling Superstar


Fifth-grade Isaiah Bird has an attitude towards life that many adults could learn from. Isaiah was born without legs, but he has not let his disability hold him back — especially when it comes to sports. The nine-year-old plays football, soccer, runs track, swims, surfs and skateboards. But this amazing guy really shines on the wrestling mat. His record during his fifth year on the team was 27-12. Isaiah also made a friend and mentor in his coach and teacher assistant Miguel Rodriguez. Isaiah says that Miguel has pushed him to keep going. Isaiah recalls, “He says, ‘No matter what, you still can do all these things the other kids can do.’ And he says, ‘There are no excuses. No matter what, you keep doing it. No matter what. Just do your thing. Have fun. That’s the most important thing,’ Miguel says that it’s Isaiah who has inspired him and calls him, “one of the biggest gifts” in his life.