Rescued Golden Retriever Gives Birth To A Litter Of Pups That Causes Confusion

Two dog-loving foster parents took in a pregnant golden retriever mix named Rosie, and although they expected a large litter of fluffy, golden puppies, the litter ended up looking much different than their mama!

These oddly-colored puppies threw the internet into a storm. How did Rosie’s puppies turn out this way? And what happened to these puppies after they were raised? Learn the charming story of Rosie and her unexpected litter.

Meet Rosie, The Cute And Confused Mama

Rosie, a golden retriever mix, was disowned by her previous owners. She was left in a shelter visibly pregnant and close to birth. The shelter’s manager feared for her health and for the fact that she would give birth without proper assistance.

Rosie the golden retriever mix was abandoned at a shelter

Although shelters have drastically lowered their euthanization policies, most are overcrowded with dogs and do not have the resources to care for a new litter. Rosie needed caring owners now more than ever.