A Retired Soccer Player Donated $625,000 In Christmas Toys To Children In Need

Former Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand took on the role of Santa Claus this year. The retired soccer player donated £500,000 worth of toys so thousands of children wouldn’t miss out on Christmas.

The father of three announced his donation while appearing on Key103.

“As a father myself I couldn’t see children going without opening a present this Christmas Day.”

He made the donation one week ago when he bought the toys and delivered them to the Mission Christmas warehouse in Manchester, UK. The not-for-profit has been busy donating the toys to children in need.

It wasn’t just about toys, Ferdinand has also donated 11,500 sleeping bags to the city’s homeless community.

“There are people that are less fortunate than we are so we want to try and help them,” he said.

Ferdinand is a well-known footballer who won the Premier League six times with Manchester United. He also won three League cups and delivered the Champions League trophy in 2008 as captain of United.