Nothing Helped This Sick Lioness, Then She Got A New Neighbor

You’re about to meet Sheila the lion. Sheila is a gorgeous lioness who spent most of her life as a show animal performing at private parties. After years of working as a performance animal, her health started to suffer and she started to deteriorate.

Her caretaker couldn’t afford to get her proper veterinary care. After a life of hard labor and improper care, she was rescued by animal rights activists. Unfortunately, it seemed like Sheila was too far gone by that point. Her new caretakers were thinking that they might have to put her down. Then something incredible happened…

Rescuing Sheila

Sheila was one of the lions rescued by the U.S Department of Agriculture in July 2009. A lot of the lions rescued that year were in poor shape, but Sheila’s condition was particularly dire.

Photo Credit: @insyncexotics / Facebook
Photo Credit: @insyncexotics / Facebook

She was severely underweight, frail, and weak. Her rescuers thought that there wasn’t much hope for her, but they decided to take a chance and help her anyway. They wanted to at least give her an opportunity to pull through.