Science Has Proven That Fast Walkers Live 15 Years Longer Than Slow Walkers

There are two types of people in this world — fast walkers and slow walkers. And they are practically mortal enemies. The most frustrating thing for a fast walker is to be stuck behind someone taking their sweet, sweet time. Maybe they’re busy texting on their phone or they just have no sense of urgency. Either way, they’re taking too darn long.

Well, fast walkers unite! Science has shown that you’re in the right, and slow walkers are in the wrong—at least when it comes to your health. Now, you have a reason to speed on by them.

Fast Walkers Live Longer, And That’s A Fact

Yes, you read that right. Fast walkers have been proven to live fifteen years longer than slow walkers. Fifteen years! The study was conducted by a team at Leicester University in the United Kingdom.

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The team analyzed data from 474,919 people within the United Kingdom. The age range varied and has an average age of 52. The numbers were gathered over a ten year period from 2006 to 2016, which means this data set is rock solid.