Scientist Swallows 50 Homeopathic Sleeping Pills To Prove A Point

Scientist Evette, known on YouTube as The Science Babe, wanted to lay to rest claims that homeopathic pills are in someway effective. Her goal was simple, to prove that the pills are a huge sham and a waste of money. Because so many people on the internet like to shake their fist and yell at science-based facts, she took a different approach, she swallowed 50 pills in a single dose.

It isn’t that Evette doesn’t believe that the ingredients used in homeopoathic sleeping pills can work, but rather she claims that companies dilute the ingredients so much that they are useless.

The Science Babe is currently petitioning stores to pull the sham products from their shelves. On her YouTube page she writes:

“Learn what homeopathic remedies are and how they interfere with public health by existing side-by-side in the largest drugstore chains in America. Sign the petition to have homeopathic remedies removed from the shelves of CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid and help put an end to these stores misleading the public on what is real medicine and what is not.”

Her petition to pull the drugs can be found HERE.