She was afraid to open the door until they opened her heart

Christmas Singers Prank The Suburbs

Let’s be honest for a moment, it’s nice to say we don’t judge a book by its cover, but we do.

Case in point, a bunch of guys come to the suburbs dressed like they are from the hood and our first instinct is to keep the door closed, maybe even call the police.

The team at MabeInAmerica decided to put our perceptions to the test in a video titled ‘Brothers Bring The Hood To The Burbs At Christmas.’

The first person they pranked almost didn’t open the door after seeing five large black men standing outside. However, their voices soon changed her tune and she ended up loving their performance.

A second man opened the door and appeared hesitant but calm. He and his significant other were rewarded with an amazing acapella performance of The Little Drummer Boy

Remember, it’s okay to be hesitant, but in the end the way someone dresses shouldn’t be the only thing that you look at when judging the content of their character.