With His Matted Wool Coat, A Sheep Found In The Wilderness Was In Dire Need Of A Miracle

In 2021, a creature was found wandering around the Australian wilderness. It was hard to tell what type of animal it was at first since its fur was practically enveloping its body. It wasn’t a yeti strolling through the wild, but a sheep that was in dire need of a makeover.

In fact, he needed someone to save his life. But when workers at Edgar’s Mission farm animal sanctuary sheared off the sheep’s matted coat, they couldn’t believe what stood before them.

A Creature Was Seen Wandering The Australian Wild

When it comes to haircuts, it’s typically not a life-or-death situation. But the complete opposite can be said about a creature roaming around the Australian wild. At first, no one really knew what the animal was, because its hair was so thick and matted.

Edgar’s Mission/Facebook
Edgar’s Mission/Facebook

All that could really be seen were four tiny hooves poking out of its belly. But there was one thing everyone could agree on; the animal needed help.