Shelter Dog Before-And-After Pictures Reveal How Grooming Can Help Adoption

Even for the most die-hard dog lovers, the appearance of a pup has a lot to do with how likely you are to adopt one. Not only do some shelter dogs have unkempt fur from not being cared for, but they sometimes are even hidden under mounds of it. What can at first appear to be a mini Chewbacca can be transformed into a sweet, soft dog full of renewed confidence. That’s why a New York groomer decided to put his skills to work by volunteering to help shelter dogs. The results of his efforts are incredible.

That Gradual Smile

A dog smiles after getting a haircut.
dogguyfoundation/ Instagram
dogguyfoundation/ Instagram

This little guy seems far more outgoing after a haircut. The bottom right photograph shows the timid dog before being pampered. After a good cleaning, the dog seems to be smiling for the camera. The top right photograph even captures the dog’s mood as the process was happening. It seems to have become increasingly happy as the haircut went on.

The idea to do this struck dog groomer Mark Imhof after he adopted his own dog. He says he noticed such a difference in its mood from a simple shower.